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PAYG Gigabags (Data / Internet) ideal for iPads, Tablets, Dongles, etc
                                                  Our 12.50 Gigabag
                                                  You get: 3GB mobile data plan
                                                  If you've used up your 3GB before your gigabag expires, we                                                              will notify you and give you a 50 MB buffer for free. Once you run                                                      out of your buffer allowance, you will be charged at 2p/MB for the life                                            of your gigabag. Once your gigabag expires standard rates will                                                       apply.
Our gigabags allow you to access the internet from any 3G-enabled device, including an iPad or any other Tablet PC, laptop or mobile internet dongle using your smartphones tethering feature. Tethering will work with all smartphones but iPhones.
The gigabag itself includes no minutes or texts, however, if you're using a phone you'll still benefit from free calls and texts to giffgaff numbers.

12.50 Gigabag
3GB mobile data plan
Get your FREE SIM!
with free delivery