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Now BlackBerry owners can enjoy the benefits of giffgaff for an extra 3 per month.
                                                   For only 3 extra get BlackBerry services with your monthly
                                                   goodybag. BlackBerry services (BIS) include BlackBerry
                                                   Messenger (BBM)
, BlackBerry (push) e-mails and BlackBerry
                                                   Note: The BlackBerry Add-on is available combined with all
                                                   goodybags apart from data only gigabags.

To get the 3 BlackBerry add-on you first need to get a SIM card and activate it online. If you already have an active SIM card you can purchase the add-on from the top-up page in combination with a standard goodybag. If you already have a live goodybag with an BlackBerry add-on, you can purchase a second one making it start right after the current one expires.

3 BlackBerry Add-on
BlackBerry giffgaff add-on
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