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Our fantastic Pay As You Go giffgaff sim only tariffs
                                                  Our 12 giffgaff Goodybag
                                                  You get: 250 UK minutes + Unlimited UK texts + Unlimited data
                                                  Plus, you will still benefit from our free giffgaff to giffgaff calls
                                                  and texts on top of that.
                                                  It's simple to get started.  Simply order your free sim and when it
                                                  arrives, follow the instructions to activate and receive your 5.00
                                                  of credit with which evergiffgaff  tariff you decide on.

12 giffgaff Goodybag
12 giffgaff Goodybag
plus 5 free credit once activated
Get your FREE giffgaff SIM!
free 5 giffgaff credit